7 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

1. We Know the Industry Inside Out

When you enlist the help of a team of design experts (like our team here at Showcase Interiors), you will be enjoying the combined expertise of trained and experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

A team like ours knows precisely how to read and match colours, how to choose the right finishes for the job, and how to align your home or space with the latest industry trends at the same time. We are also trained to know the characteristics, functions, proportions and scales of almost every material out there, so we can combine them properly and use them in the most appropriate settings possible.

2. We Save You Money (and Time) in the Long Run

Many folks believe that interior design services are better left to the rich and famous, but this simply isn't true. Hiring a team of professionals might cost you more as an initial investment, but over time, a carefully selected designer may actually save you plenty of money in the long run.

Your designer will help you to plan, organize and coordinate every step of your design project, while minimizing the chances of any errors or mishaps happening along the way. This can ultimately prevent unnecessary delays or potentially costly mistakes, while also giving you the exact result you have been aiming for.

3. We Help You Stick to Your Budget

Setting a budget for your renovation or design project is the easy part of the process. Planning how you will divide your funds across the different aspects of your project is another story entirely!

Luckily, design professionals are fully trained to do exactly that; they work with a strict budget to ensure that you get the best value and functionality for your money. They also have specialized contacts to help them source materials at better prices, which can help to stretch your budget even further without compromising on quality or style.

4. We Know How to Liaise

If you have a big project in the works, your decorator, landscaper, architect and contractors might not all be on the same page, which can create issues in its own right. Your designer, on the other hand, is something of a ‘Jack of all trades', and can liaise between all of your other professionals to ensure that they work together harmoniously. This can also help to prevent any design or execution mistakes in your plan, and is essential for managing your time and money well.

5. We Increase Your Property's Value

By hiring a design professional, you will enjoy returns on your investment in more ways than one. Aside from enjoying a more comfortable and functional living space, an expert interior job will also make your home easier to sell.

Aside from practices like home staging, simply showing potential buyers a neat, well-built property will influence their decision – and potentially get you more money for your sale, too. We are trained to consider the tiniest details (like how light enters a room and how to make a space look as large and airy as possible), which creates a sense of balance between your interior and exterior spaces and adds a significant appeal to your home, both for you and for your buyers.

6. We're On Top of the Latest Trends

As pro designers, we always have our fingers on the pulse of the latest developments, products and suppliers in the industry. We see new designs and new information every single day, and we incorporate countless years of knowledge and expertise into our concepts for both new and existing living spaces.

7. We Bring Your Visions into Focus

Everyone has an ideal picture of how their homes should look in their heads, but translating this into reality can be quite a task without the right know-how. Even if you are a creative at heart, there are so many furnishings, fittings and fabrics to choose from that it can become overwhelming to do everything alone.

By hiring a skilful team like ours at Showcase Interiors, you will get all the help you need in focusing and structuring your vision for your home as we break it down into simple, manageable tasks. Contact us today for all the assistance you need to turn your design dreams into reality!

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