Advantages of Having Custom-Made Curtains

No home-decorating scheme is ever complete without enhancing your windows in an attractive fashion. While curtains come in a variety of stock sizes and materials, you do not always receive the best fit for your windows if you choose to go this route. Stock options limit your choices severely. To expand your possibilities, you should always choose custom-made curtains. With this kind of curtains, you choose the fabrics and other features, such as valances or tiebacks, and they are made according to your unique window dimensions. Also, you will not see your curtains in your neighbours' homes since your choices are totally personalised. In the following facts, we discuss the advantages of having your curtains customised.

Customised Curtains Are Made to Your Window Measurements

The first advantage to ordering custom-made curtains is the fact that they are made according to your window measurements instead of a set of stock sizes. Today, there are multiple sizes for windows, and at times, it is difficult to even find stock curtains to fit them. When you choose to custom order your curtains, though, the curtains will fit your windows to perfection.

You Have Final Say on Curtain Fabrics and Features

Custom ordering your curtains allows you to dictate which fabrics, adornments and other features will be included in your curtains. For example, you may select a poly/cotton twill fabric that has blue and white stripes, but you also want the curtains trimmed with white lace. Also, you may want a valance and/or a couple of tiebacks in matching fabric.

Higher Quality Results

Customisation of your curtains also reaps you higher quality results since your fabric choices are more durable and longer lasting than the ones in stock options. You will receive years of pleasure and usefulness from these curtains for this reason.

You Make a Unique Style Statement with Customised Curtains

Another advantage for custom-made curtains is that you make a unique statement with them that you will not see in other people's homes. All who enter your house will admire the fact that you stand out from the rest.

Cost-Effective Choice over the Long Term

Since your customised curtains last longer than stock options do, you will not need to replace them as often. This fact makes this type of curtains a cost-effective choice over the long term. Yes, they may cost a bit more to start with, but because you will need to replace them less, the cost is less per year of use than it is with stock options.

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